Problem with system, need help

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sabwafare2001, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. The problem is when I start up my computer and the first screen where it shows the memory, cpu, and etc. it says Check System Health. It usually says System Health OK!. It starts and cuts off as normal and it has not crash. The only thing I have thing as memory: generic pc2100 to kingston pc2700 and a new hsf: Dragon Orb to Volcano 7+. I am overclocking it to 143fsb also.

    gigabyte GA-7VRXP
    Kingston pc2700
    IBM 80gig 7200 and Fugitsu 20gig 5400
    Lite-on 24x10x40
    lite-on 16x dvd
    creative blaster 56k V.92 modem
    ATI 8500LE 64mb
    600W powmax psu
  2. dabomb

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    do you get the POST beeps?
  3. everything is normal accept for when it says CHECK SYSTEM HEALTH on the first screen
  4. Gary Pandher

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    soo......whats wrong works....leave
  5. Nick M

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    I don't get what you are asking. I have the same board as you. It says checkm health check ok. thats what it is supposed to say.
  6. It usually says SYSTEM HEALTH OK, but now it says CHECK SYSTEM HEALTH
  7. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    I have an older board, but I have had that happen too. In my case it was because I accidently made the BIOS monitor the system fan (not the CPU fan) rpm, but the system fan didn't have a sensor. So, it was reading 0 rpm, which it thought was bad. I just disabled it from reading the system fan and all is now ok.
  8. Nismo83

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    If ain't broken, dun fix it.. you'll get into deep sh*t.. trust me.. I've used to fix it then i got into some kind of.. u noe.. :D