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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DOMiNiON, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. DOMiNiON

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    hey guys, i have a problem with my ram on my comp....
    yesterday i had 320 mb of ram on my comp. Today i bought 512 mb of more ram and installed it on my comp but the problem is instead of getting my ram turning into 832 its only 576. I have 3 ram slots and there all 3 full. 64, 256 and 512. Anyone know wat happened to tha extra 256 mb of ram..
  2. RogerPhillis

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    Presuming you use SD ram, you should only have 2 differring sizes in your 3 slots so your third is being ignored.
    In Pc2100 memory, upwards,you shouild use matching pairs etc ,although different makes are OK.
  3. DOMiNiON

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    my comp is p3 500 mhz and its PC100. My old 2 rams are for PC100 and the new 512 is for PC133. Could that be a problem??
  4. Gary Pandher

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    i dont think it would be because of the diff in speed the 512 pc 133 shud jus clock down to 100 and run at that with the other 2 chips..
  5. Taurus

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    the problem is probably that your 512mb is double-sided and the comp is only seeing one side. try moving your 512mb to slot 1, 256mb to slot 2, and 64mb to slot 3.
  6. Shamus MacNoob

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    Be carful here most motherboards will use slot # 1 as the preset to all the other slots making in his case all ram run at 133mhz .. you should go into the bios and make sure it is set to 100mhz and not auto if you place the 512mb in slot #1 ...
  7. Maveric169

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    also are you sure that slots 1 and 3 are not "paired memory" can't remember what is called off the top of my head. Basically are you sure you can use ALL 3 slots. Some mobo only allow you to use 2 of the 3 slots. Either 1 and 3 or 1 and 2 but not 1, 2, and 3.
  8. DOMiNiON

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    fixed my problem

    guys i fixed my problem.. i returned it to london drugs for a pc100 version cept i got another 256 mb, not 512 because they was out of stock.. otherwise it worked. It was cuz the chip was PC133 and not PC100. THanx anyways!