Problem with psu or cpu???

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  1. Well today my new Athlon Xp 1800+ arrived and when I put everything together and turned it on, all the lights beeped and flashed it also booted up I believe. However, the monitor did not show the first screen that usally comes on showing the type of processor, the amount of RAM and so on. So I switched monitors with my other computer, and the same thing happened. So I switch video cards and still it happened. I also cleared CMOS and the same thing happened. So I now I just decided to put my old cpu back in so I could come here and get some help. So what could the problem be.

    +3.3V = 20A
    +5V = 30A
    +12V = 10A
    +5VSB = 2A
    -5V = 0.5A
    -12V = 0.8A

    ECS K7S5A [1/12/2k2]
    AMD Athlon 1.0Ghz T-bird
    256MB PC2100
    80GB IBM 7200rpm, 20GB 5400rpm
    Lite-on 24x10x40
    Lite-on dvd 16x
    Video Magic 64mb Video card
    300W power supply
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    What screen did it show if any? How many beeps are you hearing when you go to startup? Look in your motherboard manual & see what that number of beeps mean.
  3. It sounded like it booted up as usual, but I did not see anything.
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    Mine does the same thing. Right after the point, of showing the amount fo RAM and CPU speed, the screen will show.
  5. some boards, like all my intels have a quickbook/silent boot options that turn off that screen so you dont have to look at it all the time but if you hit tab it flashes back