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  1. I'm using the Office 97 package on Windows XP Pro, and with some tweaking it works fine. I installed about 50 machines with the same kind of setup.

    Anyways, once in a while after setting it up and releasing it to the user, they tell me that their e-mail isn't working. It's always the same problem. When they try to send e-mail to an internet address, a error message comes back saying "No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient", the internal e-mail does work, it's just the internet e-mail.

    Here's how it's setup in my network:

    Exchange Server is setup for Internal E-mail Only

    Outlook 97 is configured with Internet E-mail, and given all the proper SMTP, POP addresses, and so on..

    Ok, so I've verified that all the Internet E-mail settings are correct, and it down to just figuring out why it's doing this, and how to correct it! When this happens sometimes I need to uninstall office, and re-install and it works, other times it more of a drastic measure.. HELP! Any ideas how I can fix this??
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    Do you have access to technet? I'd settle for OL98 for starts.

    Have you installed all the updates for Off97? I believe there are even some specifically for OL97 and / or OL98.

    Also M$ has some articles concerning your error message. Have you read those?

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    Willem Moolenaar
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