problem with deleting partitions (xp)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by allbusiness, Aug 30, 2003.

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    Ok, I have WinXP SP1 installed. My drive is an IBM 180GXP 180 gig. It is one giant partition. I've been trying to reformat to get rid of the slowdown that has been coming over my computer but I when I boot from my XP setup disk and try to delete my one partition (so I can reformat/set up XP again), Setup denies it and says that the temporary setup files it is using are on that partition, so it cannot delete the partition. How can I get around this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    get acronis partition expert, or powerquest partition magic, and use their bootdisks. it's much easier.
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    Can't you just boot to your XP CD and reformat during the install? You can create partitions then as well.
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    OK, what I see during the install is this:

    Option to set up WinXP - Enter - I select this
    Option to repair with recovery console - R
    Option to Repair current installation
    Option to install fresh copy in C:\Windows - I select this
    Select the only partition to install to
    Setup tells me installing 2 OS on 1 HD is not reccomended
    Setup tells me a Windows folder already exists, asks if it should delete the existing installation and use Windows. If I select this it reinstalls windows without formatting.
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    You have to delete the drive (partition) first then install xp. If you select install fresh copy that is all it will do.......copy it over the top.

    Once deleted you should be able to cut the drive into smaller partitions if you want.

    Don't know why it says installing 2 OS is not recommended. I don't have any grief.
  6. I had the same problem a month ago or so and all i did was get a win 98 boot disk and add a little program to it that a fellow ntfs"er gave me and i deleted it that way and it worked for me. I dont know if my original post is still up but the info was on there. If all else fails I could find it and send it to you.
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    allright, I got a set of XP boot disks off of and installed using them instead of the CD. For some reason the format option appeared when I selected the partition this time. Thanks for your help guys (mods feel free to lock/delete this if you wish)