Problem with accessing directories on dual boot system.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by RobertPettifer, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Hi,
    Being a fool I installed PGP 7.03 and fritzed my system. I had to do a sidebyside reinstall of Xp Home again, in a different directory.

    I cannot boot into the old Windows anymore, but I have about 2Gb of files in a "private" directory in my old "My documents" folder, that I cannot access, or delete. "Access is denied"!! I know the user password I used to have, but cannot see how to use it

    Any ideas. Ideally I'd like to be able to access my files again, but at worse just clearing the disk space would be helpful.

    TIA Rob
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    well i dunno about getting it back but im sure writing 0's to the drive would wipe it. if its a western digital HD you can get somthing called data lifeguard tools from their site. i think. but remember thats a compleat wipe of everthing on it so nothing at all is left on any partiton
    hope this helps some. sorry couldn't help more
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    First try to take ownership of the affected folders. If they're encrypted then they're probably toast. If taking ownership doesn't work, try backing them up and then restoring them in an alternate location w/o the security stuff.
  4. Problem solved

    Found the answer by fooling around.

    In WinXp home you cannot change ownership in normal mode. Reboot into safe mode by pressing F8.

    Then when you right-click on your folder their are some additional tabs. Change ownershoip to say the generic adminstator group instead of the old user, and it rests all permissions and ownership.

    So, I can copy all my .mp3s back into my current set-up.

    One happy boy here.

    Thanks all for the help


  5. Lonman

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    Thanks for letting us know you got em back, and how. ;)