Problem viewing and joining Mpegs

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Moejoe, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Moejoe

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    Whats up everybody, i posted a similar prob to this a few months back but could not find a solution, still i am lost so let me try again
    Suppose you have a few mpeg clips or mpg and you join them using whatever program camel's mpeg joiner, easy joiner etc,(before anybody posts suggesting a different one ive tried quite a few with the same result) lets say im trying to join 5 clips that are each 1 min long and well assume there 1mb in size, ill add them join them on x joiner and ill get a generic joined succesfully message, ill check the file size of my joined file and it will be 5mb, which is (surprise surprise!) just as big as the total of all the segments, when i play it though, ill get a movie thats .....2 mins long (where its supposed to be five)..........does anybody have a clue whats going on, i have no prob joining avis, wmvs,asf,rm etc, but the mpegs ive just given up on
    Has anybody at least had the same problem?

    Thanks for all your help :)
  2. Mubbers

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    This 2/5ths movie...

    Does it miss entire segments or only fragments of segments?

    Is there any pattern to what it misses out, i.e. is it always the last 3, first 3 etc... or is it random?

  3. zyfos

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    Are you using a full mpeg encoding codec? I think that the mpeg2 codec is proprietary, so you have to buy it or do a trial version of it or somethin.
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    AHHA zyfos hit on the head. I was messing around with serveral trial version mpeg editors and they all did the same thing. stopped after 1 minute. I never looked at the file size though.
  5. Moejoe

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    It will play the first minute or two and the rest wont coz it will end, heres the interesting part if i press on the 'scroll bar' , ie if i try to fast forward at a certain point it will take me to a part that normally i wouldnt view, so if we go to my example and im only viewing the first 2 mins of five and i hit the scroll bar half wayi will watch the movie form 2.5 mins to 3.5 :huh: Im not using any lisenced software, but camel's mpeg joiner is freeware
  6. jonifen

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    is it possible that they're different types of mpeg?
    i.e. diff resolution, diff sound quality or picture quality or something... it might be confusing the program as it'll think they're all the same.
  7. Moejoe

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    Actually im sure there all the same, thanks for all those that helped ill try again in a few months or maybe my clean format might fix the issue:)