Problem Updating Drivers for Geforce4FO on Dell Notebook

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nick718, Mar 1, 2003.

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    I have a Dll notebook computer, Inspiron.... I have in it an nVidia Geforce4GO. I had the stock drivers on it, the ones it came with from the factory, this was in August. Today I downloaded Freelancer Trial and wanted to play it. i am trying to update the drivers first though, as the game keeps telling me my drivers are out of date. I downloaded the newest Detinators from nVidia's site, the 41.09 I have tried installing them several times already... each time however I am not advised to reboot after installation, the No choice is selected by default. Whether I restart or not, the driver version does not change, it stays at the 28.xx version that it was at when it came. Why is this happening and how do I actually get thsi thing to update.
    Thanks all
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    Do you have admin priveleges on the notebook?

    I seem to remember reading somewhere? that Dell? was not assigning admin priveleges to the end users as a way to cut down on service calls?

    Or you may need to log in on an admin account to get permission to update the drivers.

    Tried asking Dell about it? You may have to wait on hold for an hour or 2...

    Are you trying to load drivers direct from Nvidia or did you get them off a Dell upgrade site. Dell used to like to modify Bios and OS to just work with their own product.

    If its a company, school, government laptop your access rights may be restricted.

    BTW Me and a buddy had bad results with 41.09 so we use 40.72 instead.