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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by thektulu, Jan 14, 2002.

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    I upgraded to XP somewhere around a month ago. My uncle loved it so he wanted to upgrade from Win 98. My uncle, who isn't the smartest when it comes to computers, asked me to do it for him. At first, the installation was going fine, until a message that popped up saying something like "Windows couldn't start because system32/gal.dll was missing" or something like that and I had to cancel it. How can I fix this problem? PLEASE HELP!
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    is it a burned copy of xp?
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    Uh.... no.... hehe.... ok it is. But it's the same one I used to upgrade and I had no problems at all. I upgraded from ME if that has anything to do w/ it.
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    the upgrade difference might have something to do with it. They copy protect the cd's to keep the average joe blow from copying. There is cdrw software available to counter the protection. I recommend burning the cd with CDclone program.

    Also keep in mind that IF this is burned from your RETAIL copy, it will have to be activated. Unless you finagled one of those ....ummmm...errr...eeeccckkk.. ok ill shut up

    try a fresh install with the disk instead of upgrade. to do this just format c:, then boot from xp disk and install... eventually it will ask for previous windows verification, take out xp disk, insert 9x disk and point it to the windows directory. It will then say continue with xp installation, swap the disks and press on.
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    Alright man. Thanks. I'll try it out.
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    If CloneCD don't work then use Win ISO and make a ISO Copy (This is not easy or fast to do). I Made my backup copy of XP this way in my opinion it is the best way..

    Second (This is totally my opinion) NEVER Upgrade OS to OS i always recommend wiping everything and killing the partition then reformatting NTFS and a CLEAN Install. Just backup all VITAL data befopre doing this.

    Now if you have a Upgrade disk you can still do a clean install. Just set your CDROM to primary boot device. Then boot from cd. Kill the win98 partition. Then you will have to format.

    VERY IMPORTANT make sure you have your win98 CD around somewhere as installing this way XP wants comfermation that you have a older OS.