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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by melliott1963, Jan 2, 2002.

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    I'm running Windows XP Home edition and have a Diamond SupraSST 56i Pro internal modem. I initially had a problem getting XP to recognise it, but using the latest Windows 2000 drivers, as recomended on the Diamond web site, all works OK.

    However, just recently, whenever I boot my PC, If I try to use the modem straight away, the system hangs for about 30 - 60 seconds. When it eventually comes back, the modem works fine. Likewise, if I do not use the modem for the first few minutes and then try to use it, it works fine straight away. Once it is working, I have no further problems for that session.

    This suggests to me that the system is having trouble recognising and initialising the modem straight away, and/or that something else is preventing the system from doing this. I didn't use to have this problem, and I've not installed any other hardware since installing XP. I've also done a system restore back to the time when I knew that the modem was being instantly initialised but with no success.

    It's not really a problem, as I know not to use the modem for the first few minutes after tuning on the PC, but it is a bit of a pain.

    Any ideas as to how I can troubleshoot this problem will be gratefully received!

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    I have Wirespeed Westell DSL modem (USB), when I start my computer it say modem 'Trainning' so you have to wait for it to go green (ready) - this takes ages off a startup for some reason.
    It is quicker to unplug it and plug it back in, only takes a few seconds, leave it and it takes ages (minutes)
    Either way is time consuming...

    Any help here would be ace.