Problem accessing Yahoo Mail with Outlook Express

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by devyani, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. devyani

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    Thank you for letting me join the forum.
    I have a question.

    I have configured ypops to access yahoo mails from the outlook express.However, i am not able to download any mails as such since my system is behind firewall. pls let me know how can this be overcome.

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  2. fitz

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    1) What OS are you running? I'm assuming XP and Outlook Express 6, but some more info might help.
    2) Do you have control over the firewall and have you opened the ports to allow POP?
  3. devyani

    devyani OSNN One Post Wonder

    I have win 2k Operating system.
    Yahoo mails are blocked in office and i had been accessing them through ypops. I use to download them to oulook using this application, however lately office server has been put behind firewall and i am not able to acess them anymore. It shows error no: 0X800ccc0f.
    Pls let me know if i can go behind the firewall to access my mails.
    thank you.
  4. kcnychief

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    If there is a firewall at a higher level than your PC that filters your internet connection before your PC reaches the traffic, it may not be possible.

    Try contacting your IT support and explain your case, but if it is for personal use they may not allow it considering they probably blocked it for a reason :)