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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Capricorn, May 24, 2003.

  1. Capricorn

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    I am about ready to change my Epson 460 Inkjet printer. I have noticed that laser printers can be purchased for not much more than the cost of an inkjet.
    Are they more expensive to run. For example the ink for my Epson is really cheap, but is the toner, or whatever else is needed for a laser printer, likely to be as cheap?
  2. sboulema

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    yeah i geuss so. lasers print faster and hav a better quality in my opinion
  3. NetRyder

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    I'd recommend going in for a laser printer only if you're planning on printing only text, or any other black and white documents. Laser printers print really crisp text documents.
    Color laser printers are also available, but they are much more expensive to maintain.
    As for the toner, it can usually print more pages than a normal inkjet cartridge. So even if the cost is slightly higher, it's worth it.
  4. H@cher

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    It all depends..........

    A laser is more cost effective, but a higher initial outlay for toner. A black cart for my laserjet 4500 is about £55 + vat, but will last for over 9000 pages.

    A colour cart is about £90 + vat (remember you neen Cyan, magenta and yellow!), and lasts for about 6000 pages per colour @ 5% coverage.

    Now, what do you require? Do you need colour? If so, an inkjet is waaaaaaay cheaper initially. What kind of quality do you need?

    If you let me know your needs, i will be better informed to advise you.


  5. Taurus

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    if you want color, definitely go ink. you can get, say, a deskjet 3820 for like $60 now and it prints photo-quality pictures on photo paper. to get a laser printer to do the same thing, you'd have to spend tons more.

    if you want crisp text, go laser.

    or maybe both? :D
  6. H@cher

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    Don't get me wrong, i had inkjet for about 6 years, no probs........But, when you go colour laser, man!

    As I said before, high initial outlay, but quality and speed are second to none!

    If you need colour, laser may not be for you, a decent colour laser you can pick up reconditioned for around £450. A lot more than sub£100 inkjets. My advice - go with with the best you can afford.
  7. H@cher

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    Oh yeah, dont forget, with a laser you will also need to replace - Fuser kit (£100 ish), Transfer Belt (£79ish) and Drum Kit (£100 ish!)

    Don't let this frighten you though - Lasers Rock!
  8. Capricorn

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    Thanks Guys. I only use the printer for home use, and do like to use colour sometimes. After reading the replies I think I'll settle for the Cannon 330 photo inkjet. It is reasonably cheap to buy, and I can get colour and black inks for next to nothing.
  9. Capricorn

    Capricorn OSNN Senior Addict

    An example of a Colour Copier that started me wondering about choosing a Laser or Inkjet:-

    HP 310 Digital Flatbed Colour Copier - Only
  10. roban

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    When you say a laser can be had for not much more than an inkjet I have to assume you mean black and white. Color laser printers are very expensive to buy and maintain. If you are printing graphics in color an Epson large sheet printer is probably your best bet. A lot of designers use Epson for this. If text is what you want then laser is the way to go for speed and quality. I have an inkjet color and a black and white laser on a printer switch. I use one or the other depending on what I am doing.