Printer tray options not sticking in Office 2003

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkrulz, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I love printer issues... don't you? I'm having an issue on an HP Color Laserjet 1600. It's directly connected via USB Cable to someone's computer. We are utilizing Trays 2 & 3 on the printer. Tray 3 is setup so that it prints only on letterhead.

    On the person's computer, I have setup (2) Print sessions to the printer. One where the settings define that it only prints to plain paper (Tray 2), and one where it prints to company letterhead (Tray 3). When accessing the printer via Printers and Faxes, the Letterhead printer session does in fact say Tray 3. However, whenever the user opens up Excel or Word, and he goes to print to the letterhead, for whatever reason it continually stays at Tray 2. Every time he wants to print, he has to select Tray 3 from within Office.

    Is there any reason why this would say Tray 2 instead of Tray 3, and why his preferences won't stick? He is a local administrator on the computer too.
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    Which driver version are you using? If you are using the PCL6 driver, roll back to PCL5. Alot of weird things happen with 6 and I always opt for 5 versus 6.