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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cam, Aug 21, 2002.

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    okay.. first i'll explain my lan setup. in my room i have two PCs, both running windows xp pro. my main machine is a 1.3ghz duron, backup pc is a pII 350mhz. in the office, my parents each have a pc.. my mother has a pII 233 and my dad has what i think is a 300mhz laptop, although im not totally sure. both of theirs run 98. they share xerox document workcentre xd100 printer/copier over a switch box that they physically switch from A (mom's pc) to B (dad's) whenever they print.

    yeah i know its antiquated, but its my parents.

    anyway, my question is this, i tried to share it and it gives me errors about how the correct drivers arent installed, so where do i go from there? do i need to install the drivers on the xp machines or what?

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    Yes, you need drivers locally on the computer even if you are printing to a server or LAN shared printer

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    In XP (Pro at least) you get the choice to install drivers for different OS:s if you want to share the printer on a LAN with not only XP clients. This means that a 98 client doesn't have to install special drivers. It can use the 98 drivers stored on the XP machine.
  4. if the printers new enough to maybe have xp drivers on disk then when it asks for drivers when you try to connect then point it to disk, should find what it needs
    or download the drivers from their site
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    thanks a lot fellas, this has been boggling me for a while =)