printer sharing & the tale of the 832c

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cam, Aug 16, 2002.

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    two questions involved in this post.. first i'll explain my lan setup. in my room i have two PCs, both running windows xp pro. my main machine is a 1.3ghz duron, backup pc is a pII 350mhz. in the office, my parents each have a pc.. my mother has a pII 233 and my dad has what i think is a 300mhz laptop, although im not totally sure. both of theirs run 98. they share xerox document workcentre xd100 printer/copier which is nice..

    anyway, my question is this, i tried to share it and it gives me errors about how the correct drivers arent installed, so where do i go from there?

    two, ive got an hp deskjet 832c given to me by my aunt, pc recognizes it but im not able to print anything, it'll sit in the queue for awhile then claim errors.

    any help would be most appreciated.

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    For the Xerox Printer goto their website and look for drivers. Do the same thing for the HP
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    HP Printer problem.......Look here.
  4. Hi

    Did the above work? I used to work for HP, before they were assimilated by the borg.

    With the deskjet range, the memory sometimes holds some errors when tryining to print. Open print manager and ensure that the Pause Printing option is not checked. Then purge and try again.

    Hope this works.

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    for that xerox, do i need to download the drivers onto MY machine or just the machine im printing through over the network?