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  1. [CpK]Bastid

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    any recommendations.
    complete noob in this area
    oh ya im lookin for an all in one
  2. Zedric

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  3. Henyman

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    u HAVE to look very carefully @ the specs. sure some are cheap quite simply because there rubish:p think of them seperate for a start

    e.g how pany ppm do i want my printer to have,how many dpi?,

    then once u have the idea specs for each part seperate look for an all in 1 that has these specs. that way u will end up wid a really good piece of kit:D
  4. Eve

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    Canon Multipass C70, I have one, it works great.
  5. Nick M

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    I wouldn't go with anything cheap. That usually sucks.
    I paid almost around 250 I believe for my HP Deskjet 960C. If printing text, it does a good job. If usual pictures, the quality is so-so. Now if you don't care if the printer GUZZLES ink, it will print awsome photographs, with the proper printer paper, considering that it's not a dedicated photo printer.

    HP Printers are reccomended. There are some really nice Canon printers also. Very nice.

    Sorry, no recomends on scanners, I never had one, and I don't know myself.

    Speaking of, any scanners that can scan negatives and make it into a photo ? ( little plastic feeling things that you can put in a projector and it shows the picture on the wall or whatever )

    I really need one of those.
  6. iowaboy

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    Iowa, USA
    I have a canon and a lexmark here that I use all the time. both are all in ones. I also have 3 HP's that I am checking out for someone else. So far they have all been great to use. I would suggest that you also take the time to check cartridge prices also. See what the yeald is per cartrige and include it in your decision.
  7. Zedric

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    There are differneces between cartridges and cartridges. HP for example includes a new printer head in every cartridge. This makes them a bit more expensive, but there is a great advantage! Printer heads can clog up, especially if you don't use the printer too often of have it in a dusty room. With HP you just get a new cartridge if it happens. On many other brands (like Canon), who only provide ink in the new cartridges, you will have to send the entire printer to service if this happens. They are not afraid to charge big money for it either! (A guy I know had this problem. He tossed the printer and got an HP, it was cheaper than the repair!)
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    If your looking for an all in one, I have to suggest the hp. Since you need the fax function, the psc2210 has all 4 functions, and 4800dpi printing. Also for photographic printing you can pull the black cartridge out, pop in the optional photo cartridge, and you have a 6 color printer. Throw some hp premium plus photo paper, and your set. And like Zedric said, the printheads are on the hp cartridges themselves, if something goes wrong with the printhead, just get a new cartridge. Doing that also gives the hp machine a tune up
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    As a reseller of these items I would recommend to avoid HP and go with Canon.. HP units break down far more often.. I know this since we get a lot of them in for service.. also, HP all-in-one's tend to need to be shipped to HP for service which adds to service time..

    Canon on the other hand is a workhorse and generally better quality.. warranty wise most of these only have one year.. if you plan to use it for 2-3 years purhcase and extended warranty to keep yourself covered..
  10. Zedric

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    I must disagree with you there. I am a reseller as well and my experience tells a different story. We've only had two broken HP returned (one faulty scanner light, one fried by lightning), but many Canons. HP:s are like the energizer bunny! :)

    So, Bastid, have you made up your mind yet?