printer file sharing win 95 to win XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lm_mario, Jul 3, 2002.

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    I installed windows xp and it can see my win 95 pc over the network, but my win 95 pc can't see the win XP pc. Is there a way I can get this two pc's to file and printer share?

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    You need to enable password on Window XP. Control Pannel > User Account > Create a Password

    Now go back to your Window 95 PC and type in the password. Ta-Da!
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    Dude speak in complete sentensces and repeat what you said


    That means both users woudl ahve to have the same logon name and password... thats gay... is there a better way?????
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    You need to enable (create) a password on your Windows XP computer. Once you've done that, go back to your Windows 95 and double click on your Windows XP. Then type in the password you've just created?

    want some more detail?
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    That will not work. You need to enter the Username and Password as it appears on the Windows XP machine into the 95's "Client For Microsoft Networks" logon box (when you first boot up). Then you will be able to see/access the XP computer with the correct permissions. That is the ONLY way to get network rights between a 9x and NT based OS

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    Re: Dude speak in complete sentensces and repeat what you said

    (Windows 95 IS gay.) Win95 networking capabilities aren't really much to be happy about.
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    thank you it worked

    Yeah it worked !!!! 8)