Print screen doesnt work

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neo1980, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. neo1980

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    I cant get print screen key to work, i click it to take a capture of my screenshot but there is no paste option when i got into Photoshop or into MS Paint, can anyone help me :)
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    After using the print screen key open MS pain and click on "Edit" to drop down a selection menu. If there is something in the clip board the selection "past" will be available ( not grayed out). Just select past and your image will appear.

    There should be something like this for Photoshop I would think..
    Works the same for PSP 7..........
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    I think he already tried that;)
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    dont suspose either of you tried the xp repair option to try and remap the key ? or possibly install a new language file to the keyboard to see if that makes it work again ?
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    Print Screen

    I use a utility called "Print Key 2000". It's free from one of the PC magazines and a google search will find it. Works perfect!