Primax MOSZW PS/2 Mouse

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jonocainuk, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. jonocainuk

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    I've got a Primax MOSZW PS/2 Mouse on a PC here, but the scroll wheel doesnt actually scroll... when I roll the wheel up (away from me), the mouse pointer moves down the screen very slowly and when I roll the wheel down (towards me), the mouse pointer moves up the screen very slowly.

    I cannot seem to find any updated drivers or software for this mouse to get the wheel to work, but Windows recognises it as a Microsoft PS/2 mouse so I tried MS Intellipoint software, and it installed OK, but hasnt fixed the problem (I didnt really think it would... I just thought it would be worth a try)

    Does anyone have any ideas, or know of any little programs which force the enabling of the mouse wheel?

    Thanks in advance :)

    edit: I'm having the problems above in Windows 2000 Professional only... it works in Windows XP though
  2. R@GE

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    ....have you set up the mouse configuration under Control Panel?
  3. TechSupport

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    yeah... there is no option available for the scroll wheel.

    when i installed intellipoint software, there was an option for scroll wheel, but it was grayed out :/

    think ill install xp again on it tonight - i got some new hardware for it, so it'll run better than before :)
  4. R@GE

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    XP usually does the trick, or just buy a new mouse lol, they dont cost much
  5. TechSupport

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    aye, good point... easier for me to reinstall a pc than to find a computer shop that is actually open at a time i can make it there though...

    had an excellent computer shop jus up the road from me when I lived in Liverpool... Rochdale sucks for computer shops :(