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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wyrlwyn, Jun 9, 2002.

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    i plan on buying a matrox parhelia once its realesed, but i would liketoto try out 3 monitors first, before i dish out the cash.
    i'm running a (system listed below as zam) and i wana put a voodoo3 in as well, i'm wondering if i can get the task bar to go all the way across all three monitors once i get xp installed, is it possible, casue right now its only on one monitor, the second one is full screen with no bar.
    side question, would any one now if linux can run dual monitors as well?
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    The name of this card sounds like a psychiatric condition...:rolleyes:
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    There is a program called UltraMon that allows multiple monitors that can mirror each other if you want, puts a task bar onto each monitor as well as running seperate screensavers on different monitors.

    You can try it for a month but it costs US$25.00. Check it out here.
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    I had parhelia once, went to the doctor, and got a shot...cleared it right up :p
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    Linux can run multi-monitor, yes. Not sure you can get it running on the Parhelia as soon as it gets out though. Matrox makes linux drivers though I think.
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    i now i'm goa be an ass by asking this here, but i don't care.
    how do you run multiple monitors in LINUX?