Powerquest Image Drive problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chkhong, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. chkhong

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    Anyone know why my c drive properties should say 30Gb full when totalling up individual folders and files in the c drive window (including hidden files) only comes up to about 20Gb?
    I have a 60Gb HDD and am trying to back it up onto a partition on the same drive using Powerquest Image Drive's setup wizard. It keeps coming up with a disc error message saying that the disc is full. This occurs during the builing of an image file, long after after a partition had been automatically made.
    Thanks in advance to any answers.
  2. seeme

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    have u taken into account temp internet and temp files and recycle bin?

    umm, i never find doing a tally like what youve done to be %100 accurate of what my c:\ properties say

    tha doesnt really answer your question but hope it give some new ideas
  3. chkhong

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    Hey thanks! I had previously emptied the Recycle Bin. After your reply,I looked in the Norton Recycle Bin and emptied the 'protected files' and I've suddenly got 13Gb back!! Thanks.
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    Norton has their own recycle bin?
  5. Sazar

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    soon as you install certain aspects of norton systemworks (on my pc) it renames recycle bin as norton protected recycle bin...

    basically a bin with more features... :)
  6. Iceman

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    More features? more like more junk.....