Powerful Registry Cleaner ???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mattg1981, Apr 21, 2002.

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    I have RegFix and RegCleaner and they both work great for keeping my registry clean. But I was thumbing around the ol registry yesterday .. and I came along strings for games I hadnt played in years ... (ie. Diablo II and other very oldschool games, and there were tons of these strings for various games). I was wondering if there was a Powerful Registry Cleaner that somehow knows all the strings that are no longer used or whatnot and gets rid of them and does a good job cleaning up my registry .. Thanks.
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    Go to google.com and check for jv16Power Tools. I recommend it highly. It has a very good registry cleaner, file extension cleaner/updater, and other very good system tools. Also check for ERUNT in the Downloads section of this site. That is a very good optimizer/registry backup program. Good luck man.
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    One of the 3 I use is Registry First Aid. It seems to get the old strings the others leave behind(better safe than sory is their motto) It's shareware, but can be used as freeware limiting deleting only 10 items at a time.
    Get it here:
    Registery First Aid

    Just downloaded and ran the newest version(2.0) and not only is it faster, but also has more options, such as invalid fonts,,DLLs,help files, obsolete start menu items (had a TON of these!) and a few other options. You can now delete up to 13 items in the trial/freeware version. Register cost you $21-not bad IMHO
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    Thanks for that tip !
    I paid to register it, and used xp-erience.org as my referral.