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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bretenn, Oct 27, 2002.

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    Hmm... can u guys help me? everytime i switch on the pc (b4 pressing the power button), it will power by itself. then a few seconds later, it will off by itself. After that i only can power up the pc.
    izzit bcoz of the psu or the mobo?? it really pissed me off.!!! hope u guys can help me
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    Make sure the CPU fan is plugged into the header on the motherboard. My board has a feature that will not let the computer run if the fan is not spinning or spinning too slowing (indicating a failure). If it is not connected or plugs directly into a 4 pin HDD ocnnector and not the 3-pin mobo connector this feature will think the fan is dead. Holding INSERT when booting up disables the feature for that startup. Then enter the BIOS and disable it.

    I'm not saying your board definitly has this feature. It may not.