Power Supply Issue??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Keshik, Apr 12, 2004.

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    This one's for a buddy of mine:

    Dan woke up this morning, with his computer on and working fine. Dan then went to class. When Dan got back from class, his computer was off. When Dan tried to turn his computer back on, the power button didn't do anything. Cable check, everything's plugged in. Power button still doesn't work. So Dan goes to his friend's room and hooks up his friends power supply to his computer. Now the computer turn on, but the motherboard doesn't beep or anything, and there is no video signal going to his monitor from the onboard VGA connector.

    Now, I'm thinking that the powersupply went, and took the motherboard with it. The CPU is a question mark for working or not. You guy's have any other possible ideas?

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    Well, the only way to find out is to test the individual components on another machine.

    My PSU blew and took the mobo with it last yr. But I don't know which parts are still working, but I know for sure that the mobo is dead.
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    Does the motherboard have a power light?

    My motherboard has a green led to indicate when it has power flowing through it. Thats a surefire way to tell =P
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    being your not getting any sort of beep codes with the new P/S, my guess would be the motherboard has gone out with it. if the cpu or ram were bad, or even the video card, and the mobo was ok, you would have been given a beep code.
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    do this...

    disconnect everything from the board except the cpu and psu and test... if nothing comes on there is a problem with either cpu/mobo or psu...

    you say that the system powered up when he connected the other psu... that implicates the psu... so put an asterisk there...

    now look on your motherboard around where the cpu resides... look @ the capacitors... if they are normal that should mean it is reasnably safe... if the caps are swollen that implies there is possible damage to the board...

    @ this point in time given the information you have provided it seems highly likely both the psu and mobo are dead/damaged respectively...

    i would not try and use the motherboard with the other devices because if some of the caps ARE damaged there is a tendency to damage other electrical components... other components might also be damaged since he may have been using them with a faulty mobo/psu or both...

    respond to this post and we'll help you troubleshoot some more...