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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PHiSHnz, Aug 16, 2003.

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    i wanna add sum people to admin/powerusers group, but they're on the other pc (networked using switch)
    bt it doesn't let me change the location of these users, it only gives me options to add them from this pc
    is this feature only for a dif kinda network? or are there sum options i need to chagne before i can do this
    if i connect to the other pc by going \\pcname\c$ or admin$ i get full access.. but otherwise i get limited acces, like no acces to program files, windows, or access to other pc using perfectdisk and stuff like that, but after i log on using \\pcname\c$ programs like perfectdisk now have 'access'

    need more info? jst ask

    o... there's only 2 pc's on this network, both use WINxp pro, and are connected to a 5 port switch (fun for gaming with more pc's).
    everything else works fine apart from these minor access details...
    used the XP home network wizard, and so it used DHCP, currently the ip's are and on mshome network (static ip doesn't make a difference)

    look @ the attached pic to maybe understand what i'm meaning better ;)
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    Unless you are running windows server and on a domain you will only be able to add them on the machine you are on at the moment.

    If you are all members of the same workgroup and the usernames and passwords are the same for all users on all the computers you should be fine.

    Works with me anyway.