Post your May desktop!

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by TomServo, May 1, 2002.

  1. TomServo

    TomServo Guest

    Guess I 'll start the a new one for May. Another minimalist desktop from me :)
  2. DOMiNiON

    DOMiNiON Guest

    my may desktop

    well heres mine, i've worked on it for quite a while now to get it to look the way it is... piece by piece :cool:

    sorry bout embedding it earlier in here, forgot the rulez... anyways enjoy...

    My Desktop <--- CLICK
  3. bheagle

    bheagle Guest

    Here is my Current MAY Desktop..HOMEMADE MAY I ADD
  4. tatsukaze00

    tatsukaze00 Guest

    This is my first desktop post, so go easy on me :cool:

    My Desktop
  5. autumnheart

    autumnheart Guest

    i've posted this desktop on "tips & tweaks" cos i was asking some qn.
    but since this is the thread for desktop, i decide to post here too! hope you guys won't mind.
  6. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    My game...My domain...My desktop...
  7. ~Cybele~

    ~Cybele~ Guest

    It's nearing summer so...
  8. autumnheart

    autumnheart Guest

    cybele, love the smoothing green and the butterflies!
  9. andy_rose

    andy_rose Moderator

    First May desktop.:)
    Still the same d-top. Added some desktopx-zoomers made by deadzombie. Getting bored of the wallpaper though, but there are so few good female wallpapers, and i need a woman on the

    enjoy :cool:
  10. madmatt

    madmatt Bow Down to the King Political User

    New York
  11. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    I like it Andy :) How did you get that strip where your documents folder is.. or is it part of the desktop background?

    btw.. message me with details of the type of pic your looking for.. I have afew gigs worth :rolleyes:
  12. Renzoukuken

    Renzoukuken Guest

    May Desktop

    Simple, Easy To Use
  13. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    sorry about the post i made, didn't read around first, thought i was the first...
    anywayz, heres mine"
  14. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    here ya go - first desktop post - easy to use and not cluttered - just the way i like it

    (usually 1280 by 1024 but wouldnt let me post that)
  15. G-Money

    G-Money Big Air

    Springfield Mo
  16. Check it out. My desktop looks like a desktop.
  17. sphere

    sphere Guest

    Not as exciting this month.....

  18. madmatt

    madmatt Bow Down to the King Political User

    New York
    *sigh* make it an attachment/link, not embedded.
  19. AndyP

    AndyP OSNN Senior Addict

    Hehe, forgot that it was May already, those damn excams are all over me. Anyway this has now become the official thread!
    I have sadly already seen that some "anarchism" has taken over this thread, so I have to post the rules again:
    Please use the Attach feature to post your Desktops Images
    Also, posts with DEAD links to images will be deleted
    Please, do what you can to NOT post pictures as there still are 56K modem users out there, also it makes the thread ugly and hard to browse.
    I have already seen that someone has posted the images directly in their post, could you please delete those and attach the images instead? Thank you :)

    Now let me continue to see some darn good desktops here :p
  20. SessedOut

    SessedOut Guest

    here's my first submission...although blue is "mainstream" its still the best on the eyes...later