Possible Counter-Strike & XP Pro Problems! Need Help!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by DrDeathGNJ, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. DrDeathGNJ

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    Ok here gos....

    I have WindowsXP Pro installed! I have Half-Life installed and Counter-Strike FULL Mod{None Retail} 1.3 installed.

    Now I setup the game as usual. My name and Controls ect ect.

    OK for quick reference heres the problem. And I never had this problem with Windows ME. This CRAP happened when I went to XP Pro.


    Now I setup my left and right arrow keys to do just that, MOVE LEFT AND RIGHT.

    In the game when I go to use left and right it doesn't work right. When I use the keys I just don't move left or right, it makes me go to CROUCH and moves me left and right. This is not what I want or set. Its annoying and when I try to move out of the way fast I can't now because, when I do it crouchs me while moving left or right?
    Now I don't have any of the keys setting in the control config in game or out crossed. I have double checked over and over and I still have the problem.
    And again I have nothing set any different then I did when I had my ME install! So I am thinking XP is screwing with something or CS is just not very compatible with XP!!

  2. DrDeathGNJ

    DrDeathGNJ Guest

    OK here is a update! I reinstalled CS. THe problem went away! For a hort while then returned?? WTF!!!

    Something is screwing with CS damn it!!
  3. DrDeathGNJ

    DrDeathGNJ Guest

    OH yeah another food for thought.... I also have Day Of Defeat Mod also and that works fine! And the Controls for that are almost identical to COunter-Strike! HMMMM
  4. Electronic Punk

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    That sounds very bizarre, try going to options and use the default controls, never seen this problem before!
  5. Bootsy

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    Try maybe binding the keys to play through the config.cfg file (In the cstrike directory) manually. That is wierd.
  6. UniSol

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    Yeah check the config.cfg isnt read-only, I had that problem once.