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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Luna64, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. Luna64

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    Long story short...

    I need to know what port(s) the following programs run on.

    IE 6
    AOL IM
    MSN IM

    I plan to shut off all unused ports on my PC, but I cant remember which ports those programs used :confused:
  2. IE6 doesn't have any incoming ports, unless you really really want to screw it down. In which case, 80, 8080, 8000, 21, 20, and I'm sure others.

    Right now, AIM has 5180 (TCP) (Login port), 3492 (TCP), 3487(TCP) and 2431 (UDP).

    MSN has 8260 (UDP), 3172 (TCP), 3168 (TCP), 3164 (TCP), 3160 (TCP), 16753 (TCP), 1244 (UDP), 1036 (UDP) and 1034 (UDP).

    I found these using a free program call TCPVIEW, which I _think_ I got here.
  3. EventHorizon

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    You plan on blocking all unused ports??? That will take some firewall rules!!!!
  4. Rascal

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    Unless.......for example you can lock it all down to start with...blanket rule. Then allow ports as you come across them. Use netstat -a at cmd promt to see what port an app is trying to use and enable it as necessary, after a week or so, you will probably have come across most of the ports u need.

    Ok, so maybe its a bit more complicated than that....but its not toooooo bad.
  5. EventHorizon

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    Depends on your firewall rules. If your firewall allows cascading rules then this is no problem, mine doesn't unfortunatly...and it's a pain in the ass.

    Luna, what are you going to use to block these ports off??
  6. RabidPenguin

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    Microsoft Messenger: 1776 UDP
    4091 TCP

    AOL: 5190 TCP

    IE6: Does not matter. .
  7. Luna64

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    Actually XP lets you block all ports with a very simple trick. You tell it to block everything except for the ports listed. No firewall software needed.