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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by canadian_divx, Dec 4, 2002.

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    i need to know the poeple's opinion on this

    what is the best prog that i can get with out paying for that will last about 1 day that will block off ports and let me open the few for downloads, this is for a laptop, and i want it to be able to tell me is something is trying to get through

    i am looking at zone alarm but i just wanted to know if there are any other that are better
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    If you're just looking for something free and temporary, Tiny Personal Firewall is free and good (from what I hear) and as a devoted Zone Alarm Pro user, I can't say that the free version is as good, but I'll swear by ZAP for my needs and it will notify you either visually (systray popup) or in your logs about access attempts and it will also rate them as low, medium and high threat levels. Low are genrally just standard internet probes, as well as medium. High is rated as a potential attack, but often these can be attributed to other legit actions (for example ZAP rates some of my IRC activities as potential attacks, especially on Dalnet). ZAP is also very customizeable and will allow you to open/block ports on a program by program basis or globally for all programs. Again, this is the NOT free Pro version, but I'd imagine many of the same features are available for the free version. the only thing I know for a fact is included with Pro but not the free version is IP Tracing. Get Neotrace or something if you feel you need this.

    Sygate also has a good firewall, but I'm not sure if it is free or if there is a free version.

    Firewalls I do not recommend:

    Norton Personal Firewall
    Black Ice Defender
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    look at http://www.analogx.com - there is a little freeware prog in the "network" section called Portblocker (believe it or not lol)

    dead simple to use imo - have fun