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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamliner77, May 21, 2002.

  1. dreamliner77

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    Allright, I need advice on the best (free) pop up stoppers.
  2. madmatt

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    SMASHER is awesome, not free, but awesome anyway. And for a small fee you get life time updates. This is one program I am glad I paid for.


    Besides 'smashing' popups, it also 'squashes' web bugs, and 'crunches' cookies. You can configure it to allow sites with popups and also to allow cookies for your favorite sites.
  3. xsivforce

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    well i use zonealarm pro for a firewall and it has built in pop up stoppers. works great for me.
  6. sy64004

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    AdShield is the muts nuts. It's FREE and all you do is drag and drop the ads or right click on the pop up and add it to your list and from then on it wont pop up or load the ad. It rules go here for more details
  7. surge

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    PopUp filter works very well
    trial version only stops 40 popups but pay for it and have a fully working program

    is where u can get it
  8. DoubleClick

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    A free program called POW! by AnalogX . I have used it and it's pretty simple although you need to add the popups to the list.

    It doesn't block ads only popups. But it's free.
  9. haomin

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    try this free utility from southbaypc.com
    i like it and i recommanded to all of my
    friends who is a computer geek.
    it is very simple to use and very small.
    link below
  10. dreamliner77

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    I know its a long shot, but can any of these also piggyback with Kazaa. I've been getting alot of popups with Kazaa. Sounds like ZA Pro might do the trick
  11. cheezzzz

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    Fellas, fellas, fellas.......try AdsGone. It works for IE, Netscape, and Opera. It does a great job eliminating ads in Kazaa too!!! Great proggie!!:) :D
  12. HipHopFaze

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    run popup killers as service?

    do any of these ad stoppers run as a service? or something that doesnt take much mem?
  13. l0g0ut

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    i do believe the combination of adshield and host file is the best and easiest pop up and ad stopper.... adshield is just IE extension and host file is cool to stop kazaa..
  14. riscy

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    hosts file

    I find that a large host file listing the IP addresses of the offending sites works wonders - there are several ready for download - one is at kazaalite.com under hosts.

    Even stops pop ups at source
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    Best Popup Stopper I've tried and still use is by Panicware.com, called "Popup Stopper", its a great proggie, and does indeed stop pop-ups.. Plus its 100% free, with no spywear.

    Personally I'm saving money for the Pro version which integrates to a toolbar in IE, with more tracking options. :D
  17. dadx2mj

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    I'll second FreeSurfer! This program works great it is very unobtrusive and is a no brainer to use. Just install it and forget it.
  18. chubbrock

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    i use analog x pow!, and it works great. the only thing you have to do is put it in your startup folder so it loads up everytime you start your computer. just use startup control panel, which can be found on download.com.
  19. PJC

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    Im using popup stopper never get any popups now and its easy to allow them when you want to on a by site basis