policy editor w/ NT4 pdc

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by astro1911, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. astro1911

    astro1911 Guest

    I have been trying to figure out this question for a week now.. with no luck...

    I have a network of XP and 98 machines with a nt4 PDC.. i have a config.pol on the NT4 pdc which works fine for the 98 machines and the ntconfig.pol for the XP machines... it works sorta for the xp machines...

    anyways.. I found a policy editor for XP but its adm files only support Office XP...

    I need to lock down a few computer labs using a policy editor..

    anyway to do this for XP ? with a nt4 pdc

  2. elderec

    elderec Guest

    group policy editor:
    START -> RUN -> gpedit.msc

    not sure that's what you wanted... but maybe it is :p
  3. astro1911

    astro1911 Guest

    that would work for the local machine.. I need a .POL file to put on the NT4 PDC into the netlogon directory... so it would be policey for a user on all machines on a domain..