Pocket PC w/ Wireless Network (Connectivity)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DJ-phYre, Jan 4, 2004.

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    OK here is some background, I am getting a PDA for college, and I think I have decided to go with a Pocket PC because of the windows support and the wireless abilities. The product I chose is:


    (Note: it has 802.11b support for wireless)

    I am on a dial-up connection at my house. I won't be going to college until fall 2004. Right now I have a home network of 4 PCs, 2 of which are running windows xp. The network is hardwired with no wireless devices.

    When I purchase this Pocket PC, I want to be able to sit in my bed and browse the internet wirelessly, and things like that. What exactly would I have to do?

    By my understanding, I would have to just purchase a Wireless NIC with 802.11b support and pop it into my main Windows XP machine and set that NIC as a ICS, which would then feed the connection to the PDA. Is this right, or wrong? Is there any other simpler way to do this?

    Remember, I am on a dial-up connection.. I DO NOT have a router. I have 4 computers all linked through a hub. There are currently no wireless connections in my household.

    Any information would be appreciated.. Thanks!
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    i'm pretty sure that's all you would have to do. i've done the exact same with a laptop so i don't see why a pda would be much different, as long as it has that built-in 802.11b support.

    and just fyi, your other option besides a wireless pci card is a wireless usb adapter. same function, just maybe more suitable if you think you might need to remove it. also, the usb ones usually come with a seperate antenna you can place in a spot that will allow for better reception. most of the pci adapters have a short antenna from the pci card behind your pc, which isn't always the best place for a signal.