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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ronenph1, Mar 31, 2002.

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    I had a problem with my previous modem, I think a drivers problem. After a month of working propely, the system was getting to be "not responding", when I tried to enter to the "connect to" or "network connections". then, windows xp said that the PnP in win.ini was corrupted, and I needed to run checkdisk. I wanted to know, the problem of the not responding system was because of the modem right? cause it is a pnp device.
    and the drivers made the pnp in win.ini to br cprrupted. am i right?

    now i bought a new modem, Fm-3623 56k ess 2838 from Pine company.

    works well..

    so just for the knowledge, the pnp which was corrupted was because of the drivers problem of the modem?
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    Yes, that is possible. You might of tried a SFC /scannow to see if it could detect and fix the problem, but since you got a new modem hence solving the problem it's hard to say