Plzzz help! some wierd stuff

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flow, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Flow

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    I’m having a serious problem.
    Let’s start from the beginning. I installed Windows XP professional a few months ago.
    It always worked fine. Not one single problem. And it installed without any problem from the first time.
    Fast forward to last week. XP became extremely unstable all of a sudden. It started to reset randomly in the first two minutes after startup. The system was unusable because of this, so I decided to format the HD and do a fresh install of XP. I choose to format the HD because at that time I suspected a Virus attack being responsible for the instability of my OS.
    And Guess what! Until now I’ve been unable to re-install Windows XP.
    Everything goes well (formatting incl.) until he starts copying the system files to the HD. Most of the time I get a message that he can’t copy some file (seemingly random ones). After a few of those messages (I hit ESC to skip, ENTER to retry doesn’t help) he locks up/ bails out. Sometimes it just locks up before the first error message appears.
    I’ve both tried my CD-ROM drive and my CD-RW. I even used a friends copy of XP to try, just to make sure it’s not because of a damaged CD.
    Installing my old Windows 98 SE was not a problem!!!! And everything works fine in Win98. Ranging from office 2000 to Ghost Recon and Medal of Honour.
    Please help! I have not a single clue about what’s wrong, and how to solve it.
  2. Abaddon

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    Have you updated the motherboard BIOS recently - I had similar problems to this when I first tried to install XP Pro... a different BIOS version solved the problems...
  3. Flow

    Flow Guest

    No. I haven't touched my BIOS for over half a year now.
    But I could try and flash it anyway. You never know ;)

    Thanks !!
  4. Binary

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    Instead of flashing you may try to reset the BIOS to Load Optimized Defaults. Some BIOSses also have the option of Load Failsafe Defaults, so you can also try that.
  5. phishhead

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    what kind of drive is it...because my western dig..has a utility that wipes it clean all 000000000's then fdisk it to your liking then format all the drives and do a fdisk/mbr before you install then set the bios to the default settings then try to reinstall...if that works go back to the bios and tweak the shit out of it for optimal performance see if that helps...if you don't have the utility then just fdisk the f*#ker and try reformatting.