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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by DuKKie, Jul 13, 2003.

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    ok, well the main question is what card shouldl i get out of these two? firstly i have a Epox 8rda+, 2x256mb kingston 2700 ddr runnin DC, currently usin a duron 900 (gettin a 2500+ next week) and a 40gb 7200rpm seagate hd usin winxp pro.

    either one of these Gigacube 9600 Pros

    and the other 9600 wit vivo

    the 9500 pro
    at the local computer market or somethin for like $350-$400AU

    im really unsure on wat to get? cos currently im using a radeon 9000pro 128mb and its ok but u know how it is, u alwayz want new parts n stuff.

    if any1 knows of any other good places to get parts from in (Aus) plz feel free to reply and tell me

    thanx in advance

    b.t.w i am located in Australia....
    p.s sorry if this has already been answerd b4 on the forum.....
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    read any review... and the 9500pro is a superior performer stock than the 9600pro... but the 9600pro does come with good memory and overclocks to ridiculous levels... so it is certainly not a bad buy...

    can't help with the stores though coz I am over in the US :)
  3. DuKKie

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    thanx alot for ur advice Sazar and yeh i will sus out the situation....

    i will most likely lean towards the 9500Pro but if i cant find it i will definately get the 9600Pro.