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    I was on my computer yesterday and then all of the sudden windows xp restarted, my HDD clicked off and rebooted.
    Then when i was back in windows it said "windows has recovered from this serious error." i looked at the details and it said something like this
    Robert james/locals~mydocuments~MiniDump

    Does anyone know wats going on with this??
  2. max

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    its something to do with error reporting in XP

    - boot up in safe mode
    - delete the folder "WER1.tmp.dir00" of all the user on your computer
    - delete all in c:\windows\minidump\
    - go to the DOS prompt and write "chkdsk /f" it will probably ask for doing the scan on the next bootup, select "yes"
    - then reboot

    if that doesnt work - disable error reporting :)

    you must had a driver conflict ..which isnt showing up ... download and install all the latest OFFICIAL drivers for your hardwares

    The Minidump
    The exact specification of the minidump format is documented in the Microsoft Platform SDK, which is available on the MSDN Web site. To install the Microsoft Platform SDK, click here. (Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or above)

    The minidump contains the following:

    Exception information: This is information regarding the problem that occurred; it tells us what kind of instruction the application received that caused it to generate an error.

    System information: This is data about the kind of CPU (processor) you have and what operating system you are running. Please note that we do not collect the Pentium III processor ID.

    List of all the modules that are currently loaded and their version information.

    List of all the threads that are currently running. For each thread, we collect the current context and the whole stack.
    Global data.