Please take a look and tll me your opinion

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Pogo, May 22, 2005.

  1. Pogo

    Pogo CEO@michelonia

    Recently designed my own website for our small hosting business located at

    Please be kind enough to take a look and give us your opinion.

    No it is not intended as a spam. Kind of proud cause we have very little experince designing sites.
  2. BadMojo

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    Maryland, US
    Nice site, although I'd drop the animated graphics (personal preference) and fix the grammatical errors if you want some business.

  3. ShepsCrook

    ShepsCrook Red Sox Fan!

    Yeah, the rainbow flying across the site is very annoying, and the red volume LED look alikes are annoying as well since there's no music. The picture of the woman seems very out of place, the spinning "NEW" animated gifs are distracting, the picture of the HD is somewhat overwhelming compared to the title page graphics, The clients page is somewhat pointless with all of the pictures, All of the logos of other sites seem out of place because they are all light when you're site is very dark, You should also keep your text to one page only so you don't have to scroll down to read more. Also, if you click on FAQ, the same link turns into Data Center, and if you click on Data Center, it turns into FAQ. The menu seems out of place, and your main logo should take you back to your home page.

    Also, you might want to try going for a lighter site. It would feel more welcoming and usually more professional because if feels clean. Try some gradiant bars to divide sections also.
  4. RickyC

    RickyC OSNN Addict

    I agree with what's said above but also think the main menu is too far to the right on smaller screens along with the head section being centered while the main content body stays to the left. It's probably best to have everything to the left or everything centered (this does not mean centering text). Make your browser window smaller to see the effect ;)

    Also try to design so that it fits within a 800*600 screen size.
  5. tdinc

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    nice site but whats with the picture of ronald regan? under clients..... :crosseyed:
  6. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Yep, lose the rainbow. Otherwise, it looks pretty good. The chick on the front page is number?
  7. LordOfLA

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    Black and hosting sites dont usually go very well. You want nice bright colours that are easy on the eyes.

    Animated gif's will drive your customers away faster than you can blink an eye.

    Big thick table borders are a turn off as well. I would suggest to practice on ore private sites and have a design firm produce your business website. As an internet based business your site is going to speak volumes about you.

    As an idea take a look at and and think which you would most likely order from (both are mine).

    Once you've decided you need to persue a design idea similar to the one you prefer (dont rip off my designs though).

    Similarly if you have input on send it my way :)
  8. JL Renegade

    JL Renegade OSNN Addict

    Its all about the sexiness.

    I've been toying around with sites and have found that smaller ones that have easy organization are liked most.

    Few Examples: :: Mine, I like it. Version 3 mind you. :: Same general layout, but different colors. :: best design for a possible server firm.

    If you want help with anything but css, let me know. (same goes for anyone that knows css, let me know).
  9. PseudoKiller

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    Sine you are using inline style tags you might want to use a CSS and link to that. You have the same styles defined on every page. CSS would be the way to go.
    On your web site under clients (for that matter, anywhere on your site) do you own those images, or have you lifted those images from some where else... if you dont own those images (especially the one of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan) you could be in violation of copyright laws and you dont want to get sued for that.
    You need to go through your coding and take out the empty tags... You seem to like using <small></small>tags that have no text or content.
    Also you have a dead link set up at the bottom of all your pages for Mozilla Thunderbird but no actual link to go to download it or banner or button.
    The overall colors are dull. They need some excitement and professionalism. Black for a business is not such a good idea. Blues and grays with contrasting colors will help it pop a little. Your links AKA navigation bar needs to be coded better. The buttons need to be larger and crisper. Increasing your font size would help things be more clear. Just a size or 2, no more than that.
    Highlightinh items of importance. Your hosting packages need better definition, along with the services you are offering. I agree with alot of whats been posted here... the animations need to go. They look... well... cheap and cheesy.
    Sorry to be so harsh but I hope you understand it is not a personal thing just my opinion.
  10. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    That pretty much covers it... ^^ Good advice.
  11. Grandmaster

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    Santa Clara, CA
    A really well designed hosting company site that I've always liked would be:

    Use the advice/examples already given and use those as guidelines for your site. To be honest, a redesign is in order :)
  12. joyojoy

    joyojoy Not all there...

    Sacramento Area
    Very nice. But I have to agree that the gyrating rainbow and other animations seem to clash with the classy look you're attempting to achieve.

    Also, from an overall, basic design standpoint, lenghty reversed type is very difficult to read. People are pretty lazy by nature, and if their eyes have to work too hard to read something, they'll tune out very quickly and your message is wasted. Black/dark backgrounds with reversed type are best for minimal-text designs. I'd consider a secondary design that would allow for a lighter background where you have longer text blocks.
  13. Howling Wolf

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    On top of that, I think your offers are a bit expensive... starting with the Starter offer, I pay only 35.76€ (43.93$) for 100Mo a year instead of 50Mo for 60$ (48.84€). As for the domain name, I pay only 5.98€ (7.35$) a year.
    I'm not sure the few extra options are really worth the price difference.

    [Have a look:]
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  14. JL Renegade

    JL Renegade OSNN Addict

    Plus, get rid of that firefox .png image. Most people interested in a web space would have IE, and I am sure there are people like me that prefer IE over Firefox and all that. Basivally, I know what it is, but it looks like a white square with an orange circle.
  15. -seek-

    -seek- OSNN Addict

    Its a good simple to use design. That is a very good thing.
  16. Mastershakes

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