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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Pogo, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Pogo

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    Hi all, Just recently finished this site in NVU. Please take a look and critique for us. Any and all comments will be considered. Purpose of the site is to push a print site for European and North American firm in need of printing. Products are created in Asia due to lower productin costs. Owners are European/American (living in Asia) that control the quality of all the products. The site is locate at
  2. LordOfLA

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    its okay in parts and a disaster in parts :)

    You need better stock photos ( is a good place to look) and you need to work on them more and integrate them into the site rather than leaving them as bold stand outs that detrace attention from where you want it.

    You dont need an image in every spot there isnt text either. and where you have images that are only text, consider using text with css formatting for the desired effect instead.
  3. onimkron

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    I'm not sure if it's just my browser, but there seems to be a small problem with the navigation bar, namely the space between the buttons vary depending on each page you go to. It's not a major factor, just in case if you didn't notice :)

    I think maybe it's best to restrict the width of the main portion of the site, rather than allowing it to 'widen' itself while borwsing through the pages.
  4. muzikool

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    The home page looks good, but I agree with LordOfLA that you need better stock photos on the other pages. :)
  5. Nismo83

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    the bold letter in the first page i think need some amendment on it.

    overall i give a 5/10. There's room for big improvement