please help... what is this file?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by muzikool, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. muzikool

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    My firewall keeps telling me that wnetssys.exe is trying to access the internet. It resides in the C:/Windows folder, is running in the processes window, and is listed in the startup tab of msconfig, but I have no idea what it is. I tried searching for it online, but have had no luck. Can anyone tell me what it is or point me to a site that will give me info about it? Thanks.

    By the way, today is my one-year anniversary! :blink:
  2. Codasmd

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    Seems like it would have something to do with windows .net but I dont see why you would have it.

    I took a look in mine and I'm not running it.


    btw, congrats on the year.
  3. NetRyder

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    It doesn't appear on Google either :eek:
  4. rettahc

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    Have you tried right clicking the file and selecting properties to see if it has any info there?
  5. gonaads

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    First congrats muzikool.

    Second, did you check it to see if it's spyware or somethin???
  6. muzikool

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    I did right-click to check for information, but there is none. I also ran Spybot but it did not come up. ???
  7. RobbieSan

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    try using Adaware to see what it finds..
  8. muzikool

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    Ad-Aware hasn't had updated reference files in months, and so I don't really use it anymore. Spybot S&D is supposed to be one of the better programs that is updated regularly, so I would imagine that it would have caught the program if it were spyware.
  9. gonaads

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    O.K. Try this... Rename it, ie... change the extention of it from .exe to .e~e or .old or whatever you want.

    Reboot your computer and see if anything is different of if anything is not loading or whatever...

    Reconnect to the internet and see if your Firewall proggy is getting any requests from that file still.

    If nothing is different and there are no more requests try running your system like that for a couple of days to see if there are any problems...

    If not then leave the file as is, remaned to whatever you named it. Just remember that you did (make a written note of it).

    Also if an error window pops up it will tell you what proggy is trying to access that file. Usually, then you'll know what it's for...

    We hope. :cool:
  10. ReC0iL

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    Thats the only thing I think it would be is a spyware... I get lots of those..... I think gonaads is solving your problem though....

    Happy Anniversary!