Please help....SB Live issues

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mingiunate, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. Mingiunate

    Mingiunate Guest

    I've tried like all the drivers they have for sb live...and for some reason, my sound skips when i am using windows....

    if i am playing mp3's and i am scrolling thru folders in explorer or surfing the net then my sound make weird skips....

    does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix it

    (winXP Pro, 850 Duron, abitkt7a raid, 384mb ram, SB live value, geforce2mx, ibm 60gxp hd 40gb(OS), mps's on maxtor 7200 ata66 30gb)

  2. zman

    zman Guest

    Sounds like a memory (RAM) problem to me

    How much you got ?

    I would open task manager and see if anything is running in the background ...

    What are you using to play the mp3's with ?
  3. Mingiunate

    Mingiunate Guest

    i have 128mb mushkin rev 1.5
    and 256mb corsair

    both working at 133mhz at cas2

    nothing is working in the background
    and i am using winamp to play the mp3's

    is this skipping common in winxp/2k???
    it is very annoying

    what should i do

    thanks for your help!
  4. kohoutec

    kohoutec Guest

    I have exactly the same problem with my old live platinum. tried all sorts of different drivers with no success, its beginning to drive me mad, especially as i use my pc for creating music! grrrrrr. someone told me that he read somewhere it could be due to a conflict with a raid controller. iv got a highpoint controller on my abit be62 mobo, but i dont have a raid array set up, just use it for ata100. getting a new mobo next week without raid, so if sound starts working again that must be it i guess.

    Mingiunate, do u have a raid controller on your mobo?
  5. ZipTriX

    ZipTriX Guest

    I have raid on my mobo but used as ata100 and no skipping here