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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Romeo26222, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. Romeo26222

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    i have winxp pro and when iam tring to scan the system partition with any scan utility like norton disk doctor or the windows scan disk it says that "cannot fix errors because the OS or other program has an access to this drive..."
    i go on safe mode to disable any program running and tried to scan again but the same problem and the same msg
    any support please
  2. DAZZ

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    it sohuldnt do that, well, sorry, i can't help
  3. Speed4Ever

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    You need to enable it to run the next time you boot. It should give you that option when it gives you the drive locked notice.

    Post back if you have questions on this.

    EDIT: forgot to include: Xp does this because it locks certain files so that they cant be damaged or overwritten while working in XP. Thats why Chkdsk needs to check these files before windows comes online. Hope this clarifys things for you a bit.
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    It will NEVER fix any disk error as long as it's in FAT32. want Norton to repair any issues .. convert to NTFS .. or use some other disk utilitiy .. theres enough of em out there .. diskkeeper comes to mind..
  5. Speed4Ever

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    I'm curious, where did you read this? When I ran FAT32 under W2K way back when, it fixed disk errors just fine. I just hated the fact that it *needed* to fix them more often then with NTFS. AFAIK, XP has the same support.

    Diskeeper is a defragmenter, not a disk checker.

    All Norton Disk Doctor is, is a front-end GUI for W2K/XPs Chkdsk function. No more, no less.
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    Oh well .. like I said ,, my mistake ..
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    I never said otherwise. My comparison to W2K was because W2K and XP have similiar filesystem support for Fat32, although there are some small changes. As far as the Fat32 goes, I was simply asking for a link to confirm it, since I had never heard of chkdsk being broken in XP\Fat32. I wasnt trying to prove you right or wrong, simply trying to learn the truth and confirm it.

    This is how people find and learn information. No need to be smart@ss about it...

    I'm not in this to run people down. I sometimes correct people if I find the info is incorrect. Sometimes other people do it with me if I'm wrong. Its a forum for learning, not a pissing contest...