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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Trunks, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Trunks

    Trunks Guest

    Hey everyone

    I'm having this problem and I can't seem to fix it..and I can't play 3D games like warcraft lags and the graphics become dodgy and goes weird and everything..then it reboots and sometimes I get the BSOD :(

    I tried everything..I updated my BIOS for my mobo..updated nVidia driver..updated sound card..installed the VIA 4 in 1..and still doesn't work :(

    Can someone please help me :(

    Here's what I get..

    The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation. Please
    check with the device manufacture for a driver update.


    The driver for the display device got stuck in an infinite loop. This
    usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device
    driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your
    display device vendor for any driver updates.

    My computer:

    AMD 1800+ XP
    MSi KT333 Ultra motherboard
    256 DDR PC2700 ram
    64 MB Geforce 4 MX 440
    60 GIG 7200 rpm Seagate HDD
    17inch LG Flatron 775FT
    Sound Blaster Live 5.1
    Hercules 5.1 speakers
    Opitcal Mouse

    yeh that's all I think..thank you
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Welcome to the forums Trunks. :)

    Have you tried running a diagnostic on directx? Open system information & go to tools. What version is it?
  3. Trunks

    Trunks Guest

    Thanx you Hipster Doofus

    Yes I am running DirectX 8.1..did the diagnostic and everything running problems found..

    After my comp reboots due to the error/crash...and when I get into windows gives me the error report..:(
  4. BonyTony

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    Try disabling AGP Fastwrites and/or AGP sidebanding and/or reducing AGP to 2x or 1x to see if the problem stops also make sure the cpu, memory and video card is not overheating.....from what i have read the blame is generally pointed at the Via drivers but i have seen some posts that blame creative drivers,so you could try removing both soundcard and drivers just for a day of testing.
  5. gothic

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    Cornwall Nr. England
    Had the same problem with the graphics on my GeForce 440, eventually updated my SOUNDCARD drivers and the problem disappeared!!

  6. Trunks

    Trunks Guest

    Ok thanx..I'll try that

    Well first I had the normal creative sound worked perfectly then..but then I updated it and I think that was the cause of my loop..BUT I unistalled all it and then reinstalled/rollback to the first driver..but it still happens =(