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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mike69, Jul 7, 2002.

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    My english isnt the best but hope you will understand this,yesterday i went too watch some .asf files and when i click the link mediaplayer7 always started right away but now i get a popup asking me if i want too open the file or save it soo i uncheck that "warn me about these kind of files" and press open and the filetranfers dialog starts instead of mediaplayer...Next link the same,that little box i uncheck so it want ask me again never change???and chechked mediatab in explorer and it works if i play the .asf file in media field but cant get .asf too play whit mediaplayer anymore but in opera6 i can watch .asf files in mediaplayer when i click the link right away...What can i doo too get the popup too save the setting not too popup again??somewere in the reg maybe or were???cant recall that i have installed or changed anything and have checked the settings in wmp too play .asf,,and all works whit .wmw files then wmp start right away like stream should...How can i get .asf files too use mediaplayer as deafault instead of asking me if i will open or save it??soo please please can someone try too give me some tips here....much appreciate any help and tips on how too change this thanks
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    IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > launching programs and files > switch to prompt > hit ok

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    I think iceman was camping on that post :)

    yeah what he suggested should work...

    if it does not just go through into options/properties for windows media player and mess around with the settings there :)

    and also I am sure there is someone here on this site who speaks the same language as you...

    g.luck mate...
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    No luck for me too get this thing too work,works fine whit .wmw but not for .asf:( but thanks for trying too help me...