Please help - installing XP drivers for my GF3 ti200

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by digital orgasm, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. Hi

    I'm hoping some XP gurus are gonna read this thread cos I have a problem.

    I installed Win XP Pro last night (upgrade over Win98 SE) And I love the look and features and it all installed fine - just had a few probs that i managed to sort.

    However I have one major problem - gfx drivers. After XP installed I tried to put on the latest official XP drivers from NVidia's site (28.32s)

    However when I ran UT - it ran like a bag of crap - 10 FPS jerky as hell - Quake 3 worked ok ish (still a bit jerky)

    So what II need to know is how the hell do I install the latest drivers for my card (Geforce3 TI200)?

    I've even tried the official XP ones from MSI (27.50) and I get the same problem.

    Also when I go into settings,advanced, geforce3 ti 200 and look at the driver file details, in the list is says there are 22.80s and 21.83 there, and when I run UT with these it runs quite well

    However as soon as i install the new ones the list says they are all 28.32s apart from one that is still a 21.83.

    shouldnt they all say the same driver??

    Please help cos it's doing my head in and dont know what im doing wrong

    Thx in advance
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    1) a clean install of XP is better
    2) have you tried these drivers?
  3. I've got those drivers but which ever i try i still get poor performance

    The only ones that work with my games half decent are the 21.83s (win2000 version)

    these are on the disk that came with my card
  4. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    You have the Refresh Rate fix compatible 28.32's?
  5. been at this all day and still i have problems - Unreal Tournament runs like a bag of crap when i install the latest detonators

    So heres what I have done

    Removed the drivers - from control panel driver details - remove drivers

    Also add/remove progrmas- deleted Nvidia display drivers

    Deleted gfx card from display adaptor in device manager

    Restart PC

    New hardware found

    Install the drivers that are on the disk that came with my MSI Geforce 3 Ti200. These are the 21.83s and are the Win 2000 version (as there is no xP version)

    Restart PC

    Go into settings - advanced - Geforce3ti200 tab - driver version information

    Says stuff like

    Filename Description Version
    Nv_4disp.dll Display driver

    All the rest say the same version except these two

    Nvdd32.dll Display driver
    nvarch32.dll Display driver

    Why is this??

    Where have the 22.80 files come from?
    Why are they there?

    Shouldn't is say 21.83 all the way through?

    How do i do a clean install of the latest detonator XP drivers??

    However with the setup as described above - Unreal Tournament runs much better - 70 FPS and hardly any jerking

    But surely this isn't how the drivers should be set up?

    Please someone help

    I'm om ...
    Win XP
    XP1500 processor
    Epox KTA7 mobo
    MSI Geforce3ti200
    latest 4 in 1 installed
    latest version of direct x

    Everything else runs fine
  6. Krux

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    Clean install back up whatever you can (or want) and format.
  7. ok ive done a clean install after formatting....

    still the same problem

    UT runs very jerkilt

    any ideas?
  8. Krux

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    Have you updated your chipset drivers? I know with my old KT7 board some games ran choppy with my geforce 2 untell I updated the drivers for the chipset the 4in1 driver I think there called whatever VIA calls there drivers, might be worth checking with your mobo maker and see if they have anything like that.