play all in video tasks no longer works

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jhbrown, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. jhbrown

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    when you open a directory with media files (yes they are correctly associated by file type), for some reason the "play all" link in the folder view no longer works

    i dont know when this started, and am trying to think what i may have installed but cant remember, possibly the latest nvidia driver.

    anyone run into this? registry maybe?


    xp pro build 2600 sp1
  2. jhbrown

    jhbrown Guest

    bump, anyone?
  3. King Ratt

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    Right-click on the folder itself and click Properties.
    Click the Customize tab.
    On that first dropdown menu select Videos.
    Click Apply and OK.

    This might change the view to Thumbnails, but you can change it back.
  4. jhbrown

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    "play all" video folders

    hmm, didnt even know about that functionality, i looked it was already set as video, so just to make sure i changed it to music, and then back to video, still no luck

    on set program access and defaults, under media player you have two options, default and wmp. well I click on wmp then okay, but if i go back, it changes to default. is it possible some program is changing it? file associations is right, if you click on a movie it will open in wmp like it should. maybe divx player?

    im still stumped. maybe when wmp9 comes out it will fix it.

    thanks for the effort, any other ideas

    thanks in advance