Plasma prices are becoming more and more attractive.

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    St. Louis/Chicago
    4270hd $1300
    5070hd SOLD OUT
    4280hd $1975 (released soon)
    5080hd $2525 (released soon)
    6070hd $3300

    42PX75U $1300
    50PX75U $1800
    50PZ700U 1080P $2835
    58PX60U $3850
    65PX600U 1080P $7300

    42PF9631D/37 $1275
    42PFP5332D/37 $1175
    50PFP5332D/37 $1800

    Again .. ill try one more time and offer these prices to fellow OSNN members. No one time posters either. I reserve the right to offer these at substantial savings to fellow members that try and help or resolve others issues with computers and now even HDTV's.

    All warranties are valid and Baker Installation is authorized to sell and distribute the above named products. I personally look at every box and even inside at the television before taking it out to the customer.

    One condition applies here. the purchaser must share their experiences with their television on here if another member happens to ask about it.

    LCD is also available, but am unable to publish prices. Sharp Aquos is our Flagship LCD product.

    Freight is roughly $125-150 in most cases depending on where its going. The usuals exist here ... flights of stairs I'm sure are extra. Freight company in most instances is Fedex Freight (previously Watkins). Actual price depends on several usual variables.

    Lastly, if responding to this ..please use the price of the tv and not the model number ...because I can see someone searching for a particular model number ...say in google ..and getting a hit on your forum here ..and i dont think that would be a good thing.

    I'm not trying to spam business ... the prices I set here are hardly worth my time other than I like to see people get good prices on things ..especially people who like and enjoy helping others with problems. There might be cheaper prices somewhere on the net ...but not much lower ..and not from someone who actually knows about what they are selling. Some of these tv's are stocked in my home in St. Louis ...and some are at a warehouse on the other side of town ..either way I personally inspect each set before inventorying.