Plantronics DSP500

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by jfactor01, Jun 1, 2003.

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    I've heard quite alot about these headphones, Alot of pro gamers use them. I was thinking of investing it a quality pair, soley for computer use and these look quite good. They have a fairly steep price tag, so I was wondering if anyone has got these, and could tell me if they are worth the cost.

    Heres a link to them on eBuyer: 'ere
  2. SkazzyUK

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    I use the Microsoft Sidewinder Gamevoice, it is made by plantronics for Microsoft, It has served me excellent for the past year, maybe a new pair soon, but they are superb, sound quality is far superior to speakers, completely 3D :D

  3. MdSalih

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    my brother got a bluetooth Plantronics yesterday (can't remember model number) for me as some kinda present (so he doesn;t have to pay me back for something else :p) - I linked it up with my comp - worked fine - good quality sound and no crackling - even as you stand on the outskirts of the 7 meter range (ment to be 10 meters too :-/) - seems pretty good - haven't really tested it with loads of programs running or an FPS game... so wouldn't be too sure of that.

    Gonna give this one back to my brother though as I'm getting my SE HBH-60 headset for my phone soon so I can link that up with my comp and answer calls through my comp and things.. can't wait :D

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    using a usb headset would negate any sound card features, correct?

    i mean, if you have a good sound card with hardware acceleration or eax support, then i'm pretty sure you won't get those features with usb headphones. but this would only affect someone who plays games. for music, i'm sure they're pretty good.