PIX configuration does not replicate completely

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wigan_ukmale, Feb 8, 2005.

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    The PIX configuration does not replicate completely from the active to the secondary. Replication appears to function; the active unit replicates very slowly and the gives the message Sync Completed. However, the secondary is missing some of its OSPF configuration; some network statements, the router-id statement and maybe the redistribute statement. We have not seen any other omissions but the loss of OSPF is enough to render the PIX non-operational.

    We suspected the PIX hardware so the Primary (standby) PIX and the failover cable were replaced but this did not resolve the problem; the new unit showed the same missing OSPF commands.

    IOS bugs CSCed38963 & CSCeb78876 have been tested with the work arounds but have not managed to solve the problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem or does anyone have any suggestions?