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    To help the music industry combat piracy, Windows XP does have the ability to stop people playing pirated pop. Inside XP is a system called Secure Audio Path, which ties tracks to the music-playing hardware on your PC. This software adds noise to music tracks that is removed only when the track is played through a trusted sound card.

    :mad: Boo hiss....
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    first I've heard of that, but it is clearly useless...it talks about trusted hardware? um as far as I know all hardware for playing sound is trusted and evne then if the track is already ripped what would it use to determine what hardware it can play on or not...seems like bs to me
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    It may be unrelated as I intercepted a number of Viruses of late, but 2 weeks ago I downloaded a number (8 albums) of mp3's - they were saved on differerent parts of my computer - when I went back to them a couple of days later the files were all gone.

    The directories and Jpeg covers were still there though...

  4. Sounds bs to me as well..but it was interesting of how it would detect the music if it is downloaded :p
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    Definitely unrelated, people would kill if windows just deleted their stuff for no reason