pinnacle systems excalibur 4.1 anyone know what it is?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by _kC_, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. _kC_

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    hi, was goin through a box of old card at a freinds house today and said too take whatever i want, about the only interesting thing i saw was a pinnacle systems excalibur 4.1 pci card..
    i dunno what it is tho, cant find any info or drivers on google or pinnacles site..
    it has a composite/svhs socket and 2 sockets that look like firewire, but more the size of USB..

    i dunno even if they are inputs or outputs :(

    any info and drivers much appreciated..

  2. Garembloch

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    The Pinnacle Systems Excalibur 4.1 card is part of Pinnacle Systems Studio pack for video editing. those ports that look like usb are indeed Firewire ports and can be used for video input and output. you should be able ti find the required drivers if you search in google for the studio card drivers (Studio is the Programs name: Pinnacle Studio 7 if i am not mistaken)